48hr Docfilm Challenge

Join us for Leicester’s Second 48 Hour DocFilm Race!

When: 1st-3rd November 2013
Location: Phoenix Square, Midland Street, Leicester, LE1 1TG

Welcome to the second 48 Hour Documentary Film Competition, an exhilarating race for local filmmakers and part of the 4th annual Leicester DocFilm Festival.

The mission is simple, to encourage new and established documentary filmmakers to get out there and make something, as well giving you a platform from which to showcase your talents. What makes the competition such a challenge is the 48 hour timeframe. It’s deliberately tough because we want to show just what’s possible when you put your mind to it.

It’ll be a fast and furious weekend, where anything could and probably will happen. So if you’re think you’ve got what it takes, and the stamina to take part, we want to hear from you.

That’s Me! How Do I Sign Up?
Whoa, we like your style! If you want to register you can download a registration form here. Please email this to 48HourDocFilmComp@gmail.com to register your interest. If you want to find out more about the competition first read on…

Go On Then, How Does It Work?
We’ll announce the subject for the films at Phoenix Square 5pm, Friday 1st November and you’ll then have 48 hours to use however you’d like to produce, film & edit a short documentary up to 10 mins in length.

We’ve got several spaces available over the course of the 48 hours for you and your team to meet, discuss and also edit. You’ll need to use your own kit of course, but whether you film your documentary on a mobile phone or a broadcast standard HD Cam we’re happy to accept it.

Submissions need to be in 5pm on Sunday 3rd November and then you can have a well-earned cup of tea and perhaps a biscuit. Here’s the full rules if you’d like to take a closer look but we’ll explain all the details at the launch.

Who is it for?
This is a team competition and we’re opening it up to all levels of film makers, from first timers to seasoned professionals. We want to see and hear diverse stories so if you have something new to say this is the competition for you.

There is no size limit for teams, but each team must have access to all their own filming and editing equipment.

If you’re struggling to put a team together yourself we might be able to help. Email us at 48HourDocFilmComp@gmail.com and we promise to do our best to sort you out.

What Skill Will Come In Handy?
In terms of skills each team will need people to act as cameramen, soundmen, directors and editors. Producers, presenters, runners may also come in handy and of course people are encouraged to multi-task.

New to Documentary Film Making?
We’re either going to put on a 2 hour tutorial (details tbc) or supply a handy hints and tips crib sheet to give you a whirlwind explanation of what we mean by Documentary, a quick overview of what can be achieved.

Still have questions?
You can email us any time, visit us on Facebook or talk to us on Twitter!

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